is an integrated programmable and versatile seismic station hosting data acquisition and recording unit. combine both high performance characteristics with easy setup and management. The A/D conversion is based on 6 single-chip analog-to-digital-converter with an integrated, low-noise programmable gain amplifier (PGA). It is open-architecture seismic data acquisition system and offer the possibility to customize and provide tailored solutions in according to your specific needs and challenges



is a new generation of 6 channels seismic station with High Dynamic Range and Low Power integrated with Accelerometer and Seismometer.
One system, several application:

  • - micro-seismic monitoring
  • - structural health monitoring
  • - volcano monitoring
  • - reservoir monitoring
  • - seismic early warning



There are many ways in which induced seismicity has been seen to occur. Some energy technologies that inject or extract fluid from the Earth, such as oil and gas extraction and geothermal energy development, have been found or suspected to cause seismic events.



PRESTo (PRobabilistic and Evolutionary early warning SysTem) is a software platform for regional earthquake early warning that integrates recently developed algorithms for real-time earthquake location and magnitude estimation into a highly configurable and easily portable package.


SlideQuake is the software for a real-time detection, location, and estimate of the volume of rockslides by analyzing waveforms acquired from local and regional seismic networks. SlideQuake rapidly distinguishes rockslide-generated signals from those due to earthquakes and provides mass-wasting estimations within seconds following the event.
SlideQuake is provided with a User Display and a web application designed to send automatic SMS and emails when the detected event assumes value above a threshold set by the user.


SAVE is the software for the ONS I T E Earthquake Early Warning (EEW). SAVE analyzes the early portion of the primary waves generated by an occurring earthquake and provides the real-time prediction of the ground motion, before the damaging seismic waves reaches the target, allowing for security actions. SAVE provides rapid alerts from the expected ground shaking, based on threshold values set by the users.
SAVE is a solution of seismic risk mitigation in high seismic risk areas, nearby active faults and/or densely populated areas.SAVEis a suitable solution for industrial facilities, schools, lifelines andinfrastructures, that reduces losses during an earthquake


SAVE-HM is the software for on-site Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) and structural Health Monitoring (HM) combined. With SAVE-HM you can perform a real-time monitoring of infrastructures and in case of an impending earthquake get rapid alerts and a rapid assessment of permanent damages.
SAVE-HM is provided with a User Display and a Web Application designed to send automatic alert messages when the alert level assumes value above a threshold set by the user.


tool For Rapid autOmatic Generation of seismic bulletin

We present the real-time automated procedures and the analyses performed by the software package, which is essentially a chain of different modules, each of them aimed at the automatic computation of a specific source parameter. The P-wave arrival times are first detected on the real-time streaming of data and then the software performs the phase association and earthquake binding.
As soon as an event is automatically detected by the binder, the earthquake location coordinates and the origin time are rapidly estimated, using a probabilistic, non-linear, exploration algorithm.