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New Release of Earthquake Early Warning System PRESTo: PRESToPLUS
A brief overview:
Category Description PRESTo v1.0 PRESToPlus
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Developed Discontinued YES
Supported Unsupported Commercial
License Free (GPL source code) Proprietary
INPUTS Accelerometers 1 Sensor per Station YES
Velocimiters 1 Sensor per Station YES
SeedLink (real-time) YES YES
SAC files (playback) YES YES
SEED files (playback) NO YES
OUTPUTS Location, Magnitude 1 Sensor per Station YES
PGA, PGV at Targets 1 Sensor per Station YES
Potential Damage Zone NO YES
Waveform Archive NO YES
Bulletin (Web) NO YES
Performance Statistics (Web) NO YES
FEATURES Advanced Signal Filtering NO YES
Site Effects NO YES
Configurable Equations PGA/PGV Only YES
Configurable Screen Layout NO YES
Filter External Events NO YES
ALARMS Target Shaking and Lead-Time
(UDP string to a list of IPs)
Source Parameters
(QuakeML broadcast via a Broker server)
Support for the EEW Display YES YES
Summary e-mail
(screenshot, KML, log)