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RISS srl is an academic spin-off of Physics Department (University of Naples FEDERICO II).
RISS offers a wide range of services and products to monitor, process and analyze seismic activity.
The idea to create riss srl was born from the long experience of university research group which is the Seismology Laboratory of the Department of Physics of the University of Naples "Federico II", in the development of systems for real-time monitoring for earthquakes and seismic activity and the alert management through the acquisition and automatic analysis of seismic data generated by natural sources and / or artificial, with applications in research and industry.

Main Topics are:

Early Warning

Earthquake Early Warning Systems (EEWS) are real-time information systems that are able to provide an alert on the potential damaging effects of an impending earthquake

Seismic Monitoring

Although earthquakes happen frequently in many parts of the world, any occurrence of a moderate to large event is sudden and unexpected.

Induced Seismicity

There are many ways in which induced seismicity has been seen to occur. Some energy technologies that inject or extract fluid from the Earth, such as oil and gas extraction and geothermal energy development, have been found or suspected to cause seismic events.

Structural Health Monitoring

Reduction of inspection costs with the possibility to better understand the behaviour of structures under dynamic loads, seismic protection, observation, in real or near real-time, of the structural response and of evolution of damage, so that it is possible to produce post-earthquake scenarios and support rescue operations

RISS Board is composed by:
Chief Executive Officer

TME s.r.l.

Design, Manufacturing and Test Engineering

TME srl Company was founded in 2007. As Test and Measurement Engineering srl by Dr. Aniello Stellato, at that time manager of an international telecommunication company with almost 20 years’ experience in design and production. In 2009, Test and Measurement Engineering became Test and Manufacturing Engineering in order to expland the competences and activities to the entire production process, always maintaining the acronym of TME srl. The company has grown over the years from a very specific type of business such as Design of Electronic Systems Test, gradually adding new activities and services , until it get today offering a complete service of Design of Electronic Systems, Electronic Cards, Prototype Development , Assembly electro-mechanic, SMT/THT Production and Test Engineering.

Public Relation Officer

Aldo Zollo


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Marketing Executive

Gaetano Festa


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Chief Executive Officer

Matteo Picozzi


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Giovanni Iannaccone


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Business Development Manager

Claudio Martino



Software, Hardware... Integrated



Regional Earthquake Early Warning System    Coming soon!

We will soon make available this new software which will incorporate all the more advanced developments in the Early Warning algorithms. These improvements will include the production of a real-time Intensity Map based on the actual measurements of ground shaking in the epicentral area, enabling a more robust and realistic alert to end-users compared to traditional methods based only on GMPE, location and magnitude, which can only provide coarser estimates

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Regional Earthquake Early Warning System. Open Source Platform Free Download

Earthquake Early Warning System based on location, magnitude estimation and PGA,PGV prediction at specified targets from GMPEs

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SAVE: onSite Alert leVEl

On-Site Earthquake Early Warning System pdf

The SAVE software is a robust P-wave based on-site early warning system.
It measures in real-time the peak displacement (Pd) and the predominant period (tauC) in a time window of 1,2 e 3 seconds after the P phase arrival at the site to protect. The system is capable of estimating in advance, before the arrival of the damaging waves, what will be the maximim ground shaking at the installation site, in addition to the the earthquake’s magnitude and the epicentral distance.

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FROG: tool For Rapid autOmatic Generation of seismic bulletin

Induced and Natural Seismicity Monitoring System    Flip the flyer or pdf

We present the real-time automated procedures and the analyses performed by the software package, which is essentially a chain of different modules, each of them aimed at the automatic computation of a specific source parameter. The software is able to automatically provide: location, local, moment and duration magnitude, PGA, PGV, Instrumental Intensity and focal mechanism.

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SAVE-HM: onSite Alert leVEl & structural Health Monitoring

On-Site Earthquake Early Warning System integrated with a module for rapid and preliminary structural Health Monitoring    Flip the flyer or pdf

SAVE-HM is the software for on-site Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) and structural Health Monitoring (HM) combined. With SAVE-HM you can perform a real-time monitoring of infrastructures and in case of an impending earthquake get rapid alerts and a rapid assessment of permanent damages.

SlideQuake - Seismic Landslide Monitoring

SlideQuake is a real-time software able to detect and locate rockslides/landslides, and to estimate their volumes within seconds from the occurrence of the event. It does so by processing the waveforms acquired by broadband regional seismic networks.

Hardware and Equipment top

MOMA - MonitOring seisMic stAtion

Design and Development in Italy July 2016    Flip the flyer

New generation of seismic station with High Dynamic Range and Low Power integrated with Accelerometer and Seismometer

MERLIN - seisMic EaRLy warnIng uNit

Design and Development in Italy Coming Soon

Embedded Solution for Earthquale Eartly Warning application to optimizing cost/effect ratio.

Custom Equipment

Integrated Solutions top

Turn-key System for Seismic Monitoring

Our systems are customized and highly configurable in order to meet users' need. Our staff has experience to suggest best solution from Hardware and Software point-of-view.

Earthquake Early Warning Solution with broadcast messages sending


The first Seismic Early Warning Drill/Application
in an Italian High School
PRESTo is running in:
South Italy
South Korea
SAVE Performance
Special Report
Rieti M=6.0 08/24/2016 Central Italy
Playback of PRESTo with RAN data
(National Strong Motion Network | Civil Protection Department)
Final Result of PRESTo


Contact Us

Email: info@riss-srl.com
Phone: +39 081 679929; +39 081 765248
Website: www.riss-srl.com
Address: Via Cinthia,26
Complesso Universitario Monte S.Angelo, Dipartimento di Fisica
80126 - Napoli, Italia